Man did I love those Friday night shows growing up! My sisters and I would all gather together on my parents’ bed to watch our four Friday night shows. I’m definitely not an advocate of a lot of TV watching, in fact, I don’t even have one hooked up in my house (I know, but more on that later) but that Friday night tradition with my sisters is a special memory for me. Friday nights from my childhood consisted of leaping on my parents’ bed a few minutes before 8 o’clock so we didn’t miss a minute of the TGIF kick-off with Steve Urckel. In the summers the window air conditioning unit would noisily blast cool air and we would be in tank tops to beat the heat; eating popsicles or ice cream if we were lucky. In winter it was the same routine but in feety pajamas and snuggled under the cozy duvet. 

I might not be watching two hours of ABC family tonight but I am nevertheless super psyched that it is Friday. B and I are heading west tonight to Saugatuck for the weekend! I can’t wait. In true Saugatuck weekend fashion, we plan to cook a lot, talk a lot, eat, exercise, relax, read and take Stella for long walks on the Lake Michigan shore (which I’m convinced is even prettier in the winter). Stella loves long walks on the beach, ha! I couldn’t resist. 

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up and fill you in on the rest of the week. Last we parted, I was telling you about our dinner date last Friday. Saturday wasn’t too shabby either. B slept in a bit; he had been getting up at 5:45 a.m. or something insane like that all week to get to class and work early as it was his first week juggling both. Let me stop here for a moment. Now, my boyfriend is reeaallly smart but he is taking 10 classes this semester. TEN! And he’s working a part-time job. Oh, and last week he was tutoring a friend in math. And he occassionally still interns in my office. I know he can do it. I fully support him and I will be handling the majority of the household and puppy dog duties this semester to help out, but wow, that’s a lot. I guess it’s the name of the game while you’re in school.

My last two years of college were also non-stop. I took a full course load (which for a sane person is about half the classes B is currently taking :P) and I worked 3 part-time jobs. I survived but it was tough. Honestly though, I think for both B and I, the busier we are the better. I got the best grades of my whole college experience those last two years, making the Dean’s list every semester. I really hope I’m able to find a way to harness that productivity again come fall when I start law school! I know I will, but I am still pretty nervous about it. We’ll be in a new city (it will be an ACTUAL CITY!) and I’ll once again be juggling the demands of school, work, relationship, meeting new people, etc. But I am SO excited. 

I digress. So while B slept in, I got up and did the usual weekend stuff. Leisurely read the blogs news, ate breakfast, cleaned up the house and hung out with the pup. I try to give Stella a lot of attention on the weekends. She LOVES play time and I feel bad that she spends so much time alone while we are at work/school during the week. So we took an extra long walk Saturday afternoon and went to the park.

Look at that mug!

I love her little pink sweater! Honestly I am not a dog clothes type of person but she is so little that sometimes she needs a little something extra to keep her warm. The white faux fur on the hood and sleeves doesn’t hurt!

Checking out the sledders at the park.

When we got back from our walk, B and I got ready to meet my mom, sisters and my sister’s boyfriend for my birthday dinner! It was a blast. We decided on our favorite Irish pub in the area. When B and I arrived, we still had a bit of a wait for our table but I didn’t care because we had great seats at the bar and I had presents to open! My mom got me a pass to my favorite yoga studio! I’m so exciting to start practicing regularly again. My sisters gave me some new Nike workout clothes (LOVE, wearing the half-zip as we speak) and a bottle of wine with a new Vinture wine aerator! I bought an aerator from Home Goods a few weeks ago, but sadly it was nothing compared to the Vinuri. If you like wine it’s a must. The gifts were great, but it was a gift just to be with everyone. We, per usual, ended up taking over the whole area, telling stories, laughing and catching up. Our table was ready right as we were taking a round of car bomb shots (thanks Nick!). I know, those things are dangerous. I haven’t taken one in years, but when in Rome (on your birthday)…bottoms up! Mom even attempted one, what a champ, but left it up to the men to finish. The rest of dinner was lovely. Being with my Mom and sisters is like nothing else. I am happiest when I am with B and my family, truly. It is good. Very good.

Mom and sisters, minus the littlest one who is at school in Chicago.

We left dinner and my Mom headed home while my sisters, the guys and I headed back to our house for games. We ended up playing the Clue board game while watching the movie Clue. Classic.

Of course we stayed up too late and we were super tired the next day. We had the aforementioned “hair party” that afternoon, so we got on the road and headed to my friend Rachel’s house. Rachel was so gracious to host us all at our house and do everyone’s hair! It was so much fun. It’s been a while since my sisters and I have gotten our hair done together. We bought girly magazines on the way and spend the afternoon leafing through them with our hair in various states of color and length. All in all a fabulous conclusion to a great weekend! Below is the new ‘do! It’s lighter than I’ve been in YEARS (seriously, like ten) but I love the change! And the cut is perfect. It’s taken me FOREVER to find a stylist I really like and now I’m moving in a couple of months! I’m seriously considering flying back to Michigan every time I need my hair cut. That makes sense, right? Side note: Why did my font just change and how do I correct this? No idea.

 That about does it for the weekend recap. This week has flewn by! It’s been good though, I got A LOT of organizing done at work and home and feel caught up on things going into the weekend and next week. I also worked out every night this week! I’m pretty proud of myself. As I alluded to in my last post, my workouts are a little goofy… I don’t know how else to describe it. But I’ll save that for another post. For now, I’m happy that I’m starting to see and feel some results! It’s great motivation. I can’t wait to get back into yoga next week, oh how I’ve missed that heated room in the winter!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!