Unseasonably warm weather + January = Junuary! Haha, I got quite a chuckle reading that tonight in an e-mail from B’s Mom. It is though isn’t it? This weather is just nuts. I can’t say I mind all that much though. Now, don’t get me wrong, I seriously love winter. My birthday is in winter and I LOVE skiing and the holidays, so over the years I’ve gradually come to terms with the bitter cold that can be a Michigan winter. In my eyes it’s a small price to pay for all the excitement winter brings. Once you get over the fact that it lasts something like 5 months and it’s always dark and going anywhere takes 3 times as long as it should, it’s easy to love. I digress…

As I was saying, I don’t really mind that winter hasn’t been as, shall we say, dramatic as usual this year. Between Brad’s school schedule and us trying to save for the big move to DC, there just isn’t much time or money this year for a ski trip. And if I can’t ski there might as well not be any snow on the ground. While we have had some snowy days, last weekend for example, they’ve all been followed by 50 degree days, so everything just melts anyway. It’s kind of nice actually, all the snow melts before it has enough time to get all muddy and gross and make people angry.

So Junuary’s alright with me this year. Luckily I got my snow fix this weekend in Saugatuck. See for yourself…

Snowy Saugatuck

So backing up to where we last left off… Friday night Brad and I scrambled to get packed and on the road after work. The thing about us going to Saugatuck for the weekend is you would honestly think we’re moving there or at the very least, staying for a few weeks. We rarely leave the condo (unless we go in the summer) so we bring all of our laundry, books and study materials, TONS of food, all Stella’s belongings, etc. Anything you could ever want. It’s a fun place for us and we tend to go there when we need to relax and recharge. So we arrived around 9 p.m. Friday night and unpacked all of this:

Pictured L to R: spaghetti squash, pasta noodles, 86% dark chocolate, oat bran, grapefruits, oranges, apples, marinara, blackberry jam, sunflower seed butter, peanut butter, honey, wheat bread, vino and whole wheat baguette. And you can’t forget the Vitamix, this thing goes everywhere with us.

After we got settled Friday night we made a quick dinner/snack, had a glass of wine and crashed pretty early. We both had A LOT to do Saturday so we wanted to get an early start the next morning.Saturday morning we woke up (not as early as planned but still a respectable time) to this:

I know, I’m sorry. I almost hate to show you that. It was even prettier in person. B and I took Stella on a nice long walk and talked about how hard it will be to miss days like this when we move to DC. I’m sure DC has its moments, but Michigan is a beautiful state. The older I get the more I really appreciate that. It’s Pure Michigan baby… (yes, that is a shameless plug).Ok, so I want you to look very closely at this next picture. Notice anything, um, slightly disturbing?

No? Just a nice man with blue hair who took the Junuary thing a little too far? What about NOW…

Yes, you are correct. That is an ill-suited (literally) blue-haired mannequin standing in the window giving you bedroom eyes. Oh how I wish I had some sensible explanation for this cryptic gent but alas, I have none. He’s been standing at that door watching comers and goers for the entirety of the two years I have been coming to Saugatuck with B. A little creepy when you’re rolling into town in the dark after a long drive but otherwise I like him. He needs a name though; I think I’ll call him Otis (to which B will absolutely object but more on that later).

Moving along. So B, Stella and I said hello to Ottie and continued on our way. Try really hard not to pay attention to the sweatpants in this next one.

Me and my girl

I’m sorry if you’re not a pug person but I can’t think of a better kind of person to be. I mean it, she is hands down the best dog EVER. And I think everyone who’s ever met her will agree with me on that. LOOK AT THAT FACE! 🙂

So after our walk it was time for some of this:

The internet at the condo was acting up so we decided to head to a coffee shop in Douglas to get some work done. B had a bunch of homework to work on and I had a stack (not literally, they were all online) of uncompleted law school applications looming. Although they aren’t officially due for at least another month I really want to take advantage of early and rolling admissions and get them in early. The rest of our Saugatuck adventures will have to wait until tomorrow; however, my computer hates the million pictures I just uploaded and is threatening war if I continue. Or maybe that’s my sleep deprived body and mind angry about the two little puggies that kept me up at all hours last night. It’s a toss up.

I’ll return tomorrow with the rest of the weekend recap. Promise!