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Happy Monday All! I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend and isn’t too tired (hung over) from the Super Bowl festivities yesterday. I, luckily, am not. I opted to take a much-needed yoga class last night ($5 vinyasa, can’t beat that!) and catch up with B instead of going out to watch the game. As I’ve mentioned before (and will elaborate more on later) B and I do not have a TV, so a game or show has to be pretty enticing for us to venture to a friend’s or, more likely, a bar, to watch. Football on a Sunday night after a full weekend just wasn’t happening last night. Neither of us are big football fans to begin with so, although this is hard to believe for all you fanatics out there, I could really care less about the Super Bowl.

I did; however, happen to catch this little gem on YouTube today: the Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial! Of course I love it because I’m from Detroit (I can say that on the internet because telling you I’m actually from a suburb just north of Detroit just complicates things). What did all of you non-Detroiters think about the ad? Effective or not?

Moving along… Picking up where we left on last weekend’s recap… I’m sorry I’m making you wait through all this but it was a really fun weekend and I want to make sure I remember the details. So I’ll make the rest of it brief and then we can forget about it and focus on something more current (like the recipe post I have planned for you tomorrow!) mmm k? Sounds good.

So after our walk and breakfast last weekend we packed up everything and headed to the Respite Cappuccino Court in nearby Douglas, Michigan. This place was SO great. B and I hung out there for hours, sipping hot tea while he worked on homework and I filled out a bunch of law school applications. It was so relaxing and I loved overhearing the conversations from locals. Everyone seemed to know one another and they all must gather daily (or at least on the weekends) to catch up. Here’s a picture of the place I found online:


Oh, I forgot to mention their baked goods! I had a scone that, aside from my Mom’s, was one of the best I’ve had. We studied until about 5:30 p.m. and then made a beeline down the street (literally, a block or so away) to get a table at the Everyday People Cafe. B has raved about this place for a while now so I’m so glad we were finally able to try it out! As I mentioned before, when we visit Saugatuck especially in the winter, we usually hibernate for a few days, make all our own meals and don’t see or have any contact with other people aside from our walks to the beach with Stella. So it was fun to mix it up and get out for a bit.

I CANNOT say enough good things about this place. First of all, the food was INCREDIBLE. Great flavors and every dish just seemed to have so much thought behind it. Every flavor had a purpose and they all melded beautifully. Secondly the service staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. As a former bartender and server, service can make or break a meal for me. Though this meal would have been hard to break as the food was so good, the service made it that much better. I wish I had better pictures of the food but alas, I was too busy eating it. So here’s the basic rundown of our order: 
Starter: Local Meat and Organic Cheese Plate
Soup: Tomato (Bisque? I forget and it’s not listed on their site.)
Him: Local Smoked Pork Shoulder (from their site: Valley View Farms smoked, braised shoulder, onion,butternut squash, apple & roasted garlic saute, bourbon-maple demi glace)
Her: Greek Salad (Romaine lettuce, purple onion, cucumber, teardrop tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives, Grandma GiGi’s Greek dressing) I chose to add four grilled shrimp to the salad. 
SO GOOD. There is definitely a return visit in my future.

The next morning we woke up to a blizzard! It was so beautiful. It wasn’t too cold so we took Stella for another long walk. We even saw two deer and a bunch of ducks (whom Stella wanted desperately to play with). Rather than spoil it with words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…. Enjoy!

Woke up to this Sunday morning 🙂


A lot of snow for a little puppy!


Courtesy of B



I spy Michigan holly and a sneaky Stella in the background







Stella REALLY wanted to play with these guys.



Double ❤

Back hopefully later tonight with a brief recap of last weekend and my first recipe post tomorrow!