We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…


Dinner for the family of a friend whose husband is sick. Lasagna, homemade rolls, Caesar salad and brownies.

Waiting for dough to rise… totally worth it.

Pummelo! Grandfather to the grapefruit. I love neon yellow/green color with a peachy pink inside. I want an outfit with all these colors.

Dinner! A very sweet early Valentine’s Day surprise from my Valentine. From here! A Fork in the Road Diner. Have you been? Delicious. This was the trout. It was perfectly seasoned. The salad had quinoa, kale, red and green lettuces and had almost a grilled flavor, and very tangy. Must know how it was prepared. The dressing was divine but the salad didn’t need it so I’m saving it for another salad. B got the Smoked Meatloaf sandwich. With local pork and mashed potatoes came on the sandwich. Looked amazing. He said it tasted like ribs, yum!

B also got two gelatos from FITR, Blueberry Butter Cookie and Burnt Caramel. I put some brownie on mine.

Homemade rolls! 24 hours later… One’s missing! The blackberry preserves may or may not have had anything to do with that. And yes, another roll disappeared from that tray right after this shot. (I had help!)

I told you! Why are all my pictures today of food? I know there was one of me working out….Hmmm (I did though, 1 hour, more on that later!)

Anyway, at least this is really healthy. Breakfast.

Greens! I love when my cutting board looks like this.

His and Hers green smoothies. His=blue, Hers=green. We always switch the caps so we can be together while at work. I know, I know. 🙂

Great night hanging out with my Valentine. Goodnight!