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Edited to say: I wrote this yesterday and ended up posting something else last night. Just so you’re not confused. I pick back up today a few paragraphs down… 🙂 Thanks for reading!

So I was going to begin the Insanity Beach Body workout program tonight with a few friends but just learned that it has been postponed until Thursday. Therefore; I shall retain my sanity until then. I’m nervous because it looks really intense but I’m also excited to up my workout game. I’ve been working out regularly for about a month now, usually 5 days a week and I’m starting to see some results finally! It’s great motivation to keep it up. B is also a great motivator. Honestly, he’s amazing and he always tells me I look great, but he has been especially complimentary lately which makes me feel great and want to keep it up! 🙂 I’m a lucky girl.

I wanted to brief you on last weekend and then hopefully we can talk about some fun stuff after that. I have so many things I want to share! My list of potential blog posts is growing by the day, so let’s get to it!

So last Friday B and I went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. It was fun, we hadn’t been on a date there in awhile and I was really pumped for some Chinese! We ended up making a late reservation because B had to go to a school thing after work. It actually worked out well because by the time we arrived, we only had to wait 5 minutes or so. Which, on a Friday at P.F. Chang’s in Eastwood, is pretty good.

Unfortunately…. the food wasn’t that great. I was really surprised because I can’t remember ever having a bad meal at P.F. Chang’s, and definitely not at this location. I’m not sure what the problem was. We ordered the lettuce wraps, ginger chicken and broccoli (for me) and almond and cashew chicken (for B) and a couple tiny desserts (tres leche lemon dream and the great wall of chocolate). Nothing was that remarkable this time around. Actually, I take that back, we both had a really great I.P.A. with our dinner, I think it was a Dark Horse beer? I might be mistaken on that, but either way it was probably (sadly) the best part of my meal. The chicken tasted “off”, I really can’t describe it, and everything else was just bland.

Maybe it was just a bad night for the restaurant but lately I’ve noticed I’ve become much pickier at restaurants. I don’t mean I am picky about the actual dishes but rather when the quality of the food isn’t up to par. This might sound bad (and I don’t mean it to) but I honestly think a lot of what I make at home is much better than anything I could buy in a restaurant. (Or at least at a chain restaurant.) B and I use so many fresh fruits and vegetables as well as so many organic and natural foods that I think I am really starting to taste poorer quality ingredients in dishes.

I suppose there are worse problems to have than preferring to eat at home than at a mediocre restaurant and my wallet sure likes it… Anyone else have this dilemma?

Anyway, enough about that. Moral of the story from P.F. Chang’s on Friday: bad food but great company 🙂

So Saturday I woke up excited to head to my first pilates class. I had called the owner the day before asking if the class was okay for a first time student and I never got a call back. So after hemming and hawing for an hour I decided to just cancel and try again (this week?) later. The thing with this pilates class is I bought a Groupon a few months ago for 10 pilates classes for $55. Score! Right? Well, sort of. All this time I was thinking I had a year to use the Groupon up. Well imagine my surprise when I double checked and found out that the Groupon has to be used by March 1, 2012, only 6 months after I purchased it. No worries I thought, I have a whole month, I can become a pilates master in February and just take a few classes a week.

Enter road block #2: The only class after 5:00 p.m. during the week is at 5:45 p.m. on a Thursday. AND the Thursday class was canceled last week. There are only two classes on Saturday (11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.) and they are closed on Sunday. Major disappointment. I’m guessing they’re catering to the stay-at-home Mom crowd? I have nothing against that but I wish I would have known that before buying the Groupon. I guess I should have done my due dilligence and checked out the schedule beforehand but I wrongly assumed they would be as accommodating to us who work 9-5 as my (awesome) yoga studio is. Anyway, I feel a little mislead, and I’m bummed about it.

Oh, and one other thing to make it a little more clear. All (or all I’ve seen) of the pilates classes are 3 person classes. So you have to sign up for a spot online and lock yourself into that time. The reason I didn’t want to take a chance on Saturday is because I know how much the class dynamic can change when there is one brand new student in the group. I think that would have been greatly magnified had I attended the class Saturday, and I really didn’t want to disrupt the class for the other two student because the classes are not cheap! I would be a little annoyed if there was a brand new student in my 3 person class when I was planning on getting a really intense workout. I’m not sure that would’ve been the case but the chances were good. Anyway, in the studio’s defense, the owner did end up calling me back Saturday and offered to have me change my class time to 1:00 p.m. that day as there was another new student beginning at that time. Unfortunately, I already had plans to head home that afternoon so I couldn’t. Maybe I’ll have better luck this weekend? I hope so. I’ve been wanting to try pilates a while now!

Ok I’m back and it’s Wednesday, confused yet? Thanks for sticking it out with me. 🙂

Saturday afternoon I headed home to Royal Oak to see my Mom and sister, Meg. We hung out for a while at the house and caught up and later that evening Meg and I went to dinner. We were hoping to get a table at Tom’s Oyster Bar but they were packed, with over an hour long wait for a table! We decided to go this new Lebanese restaurant, Gemmayze instead. I’m so glad we did! I loved the ambiance an the food was awesome. There was a 15 minute wait when we arrived but the upstairs bar was open so we headed upstairs and ate at the bar. I love sitting at the bar sometimes, as a former bartender I always feel like that’s where all the action is! We both wanted to try the soup, so we both ordered a bowl and split “The Gemmayze” pizza. It was a great light meal yet still very satisfying. I will definitely be back to sample more of the menu. After dinner, Kristen joined us!

We later met up with our other friend, Ashley. It was a fun night! So glad to catch up with these great ladies. I wish we lived closer!

I’m so glad I got some one on one hangout time with my sister (one of the three) Meg! Much needed sister time.

Sunday, I lazed around a bit and ran to Trader Joe’s to pick up a bunch of goodies since we don’t have one anywhere close to us. What gives TJ’s? No love for Lansing? I packed up the car and my Mom, Stella and I headed to my Grandparents’ house to visit. I love hanging out at my Grandparents’ when I’m in town. We always have such great conversations and they always spoil us a little. It’s just a really comforting place to be 🙂 I love you Grandma and Grandpa! Plus, they have an adorable puppy, Fudge. Stella LOVES Fudge. Fudge tolerates Stella tagging along and antagonizing her and stealing her toys which I’m sure is her way of showing she loves Stella. They are so cute together. Once, when Stella was younger, I was at my Grandparents’ with Stella. She was pretty tired from a packed weekend at home with a house full of people (meaning she couldn’t nap 99.99% of the day =). She and Fudge eventually tuckered out and Fudge laid down by my Grandpa’s chair. Stella literally tried to “spoon” with her and curled herself up to Fudge’s tummy. It makes me wonder if Stella would be happier with another puppy in our house. She loves other dogs so much I think she would like a friend but I’m not sure she would handle sharing our attention. I hope she’s a happy girl though, she seems like she is. Hmmm… Do I need another puppy?

I digress. After hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a bit I got on the road back home. I was tired but really looking forward to the $5 Sunday night yoga class at Hilltop. It was vinyasa, my favorite. And it was the perfect blend of flowy and intense. I definitely felt it the next day! It was a great end to a great weekend and walking out I felt really calmed, centered and motivated for the week ahead. Taking full advantage of these exercise endorphins! I’ll write more on my new workouts later but for now I’ll say that I’m proud of my progress and discipline these last few weeks. As I mentioned, I am starting to not only see results but I am also feeling so much stronger and I have so much more energy. And that energy is balanced and steady. It doesn’t come from a jolt of caffeine or sugar. I also like the attitude I am developing toward working out on a regular basis. I’m doing it on my terms–by trying lots of things, I have found a few that are working well for me. I haven’t had such a variety in my exercise routine in a while but now that I will be adding in the Insanity workouts, pilates (hopefully) more yoga and some weight lifting/strength training, I really am starting to get excited to see how much further I can push myself. I was always an athlete growing up and I’m excited to get into great shape again.

After yoga I came home, made the lunches and smoothies, hung out with B and went to BED. Which is what I’m doing now 🙂

Insanity starts tomorrow, nervous but excited! Although I feel like it’s going to hurt. :/