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Fridays are good for a lot of reasons…

Birthday breakfast bagels… For my good friend and coworker down the hall. From this bagel shop which features Lansing’s own unique spin on the bagel. Unlike any bagel I’ve ever had and honestly better than any bagel I’ve ever had. Sorry, New York.

Ordering a hot tea and getting a gigantic iced tea instead. I was pleasantly surprised! There’s iced tea and then there’s good iced tea. It tasted very springy. (Go Green!)

Speaking of spring and green… I’m loving my $8 spring green maxi dress. The fact that it feels like I wore pajamas all day has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Multitasking. Ran 4+ miles at the gym today while reading this book by fellow Michigan native and blogger, Kelle Hampton. I’ve followed Kelle’s blog for some time now; she is an incredible writer, photographer and mother. Her perspective on life, as well as her ability to articulate it are a constant inspiration to me. The running went well too, I even ran a mile or so in the high 7 minute range! I’m starting to run faster than I have in years, which is really motivating. I just joined a new gym (for $10 a month!) so I ran there today. It was really nice to not have to worry about weather interference. It was rainy all day and got pretty cold this evening.

Stella toughed it out on her walk tonight in the rain and cold. Good thing she had a GIGANTIC umbrella/tent to keep her dry… I’ll spare you the details surrounding how many times this thing almost took my eye out.

❤ him.

I told you it was huge.

I am loving my new journal…

This classic memorykeeper is the perfect way to track the ups and downs of life, day by day. The 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, allowing users to revisit previous thoughts and memories over five years as they return to each page to record the current day’s events. (Barnes + Noble)

I’m so excited to read my thoughts on this day a year from now, or two or five.

Tonight after the gym I stopped at the store to pick up a very special ingredient…

Why so special? Well this ingredient just happens to be the only one I was out of and needed in order to make those muffins I promised to make you yesterday

Recipe tomorrow… 🙂 Happy Friday!