I know it has been a while since we last met. Like whole year, almost. Wow–a year. It is amazing to me both that such a huge amount of time can pass so quickly, and that so many significant life events can be crammed into that same amount of time.

So much has happened I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll save that for my next post. But for now, I’ll say that you were always on my mind. I never forgot you. Not for a minute.

There were countless times over this last (almost) year that I though to myself… I should write about this / This would be a great recipe to share / I want to remember this moment… But I didn’t because I wasn’t quite sure how to segue from not blogging about anything to sharing my life again. That, and being a first-year-law-student happened.

I originally stopped blogging because some major life sh–stuff happened. It took me a LONG time to accept/digest/handle/come to terms with/recover from it all. It felt weird to not write about it but I wasn’t to the point where I could and honestly I had nothing else to say. That’s what was happening in my life. Posting another muffin recipe when so much else was going on wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t force it. And there wasn’t a whole lot of muffin-making going on anyway.

But the whole time I missed coming here and doing this. Documenting my life. Finding the funny in it. Committing my memories to words. For myself, and anyone else out there who wants to come along for the trip.

So here we are. A year older, and hopefully wiser. I realized a lot in our time apart. Mostly, that I like doing this and I want to get better at it. And I don’t want to put any limitations or expectations on this. I’ll post when I feel like it and not feel bad if life sh–stuff comes up and I can’t write about it yet. I can always come back when I’m ready to share.

And I am.

Thank you for having me back 😀